Better Bodies Therapy

Therapeutic massage therapy tailored specifically to what your body needs. Right here in Pueblo, CO

Horse & Rider’s Therapy

Why is this therapy important for you and your horse?

  • It addresses many issues not usually delt with by routine  therapy
  • It is complementary to medical and veterinary care
  • It protects your investment by insuring optimal health
  • The results are visible

What makes this therapy so unique and effective?

  • It treats the physiological systems that affect both human and horse.
  • I come to your location
  • a true partnership is created between horse and rider
image Tool Bag for Horses Tool Bag for Riders
Muscle strain Muscle strain
Muscle pain Muscle pain
Mobility Mobility
Swelling Swelling
Colic Headaches
Injury prevention Injury prevention
Neurological issues Neurological issues

My work is mutually supportive in bringing pain relief and greater movement to you and your horse.

How is your horse performing?

Did you ever think that your back pain might be interfering with your horse’s performance?